I watched the original because I wanted to know the end of the story. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is based on the historical background. And also based on Chinese drama, too.

Does Hae-Soo really leave Wang So?

This week, she decided to leave the palace. While I was watching drama, I cried😭. In the original, she leave the palace using more powerful method. She is married with the 14th prince.

“Please allow me to marry with Ruoxi.”

 There’s a difference in storytelling between Ryeo and the original. Because there is a difference in length.  The heroine, Ruoxi(=Hae-Soo), goes through many hardships, not only the death of Yu Tan(=Chae Ryung). She is estranged from the 4th prince(Yinzhen=Wang So) because of those events. Take an example of an incident. Ruoxi has a miscarriage owing to threat of 8th prince’s wife.  And the angry 4th give the 8th order to divorce from his wife. Finally, the 8th’s wife commits suicide.

“Ruoxi’s life hangs by the hour.”
“Even if she regains her consciousness, she is unable to conceive.”

The 4th did everything for her, but she did not welcome it. Her precious people were hurt everytime he did. She thinks that the cause of all the misery is her.

“At that time, I told my brother-in-law(=the 8th),”
” that be careful of the 4th prince.”
“Everything that caused it is ME.”

Because she said so, the 8th started to check the 4th, and in the process the 4th’s people got hurt. That makes the 4th to be cruel.  In Ryeo, it is little bit different. The 8th kill his brother(the 1st) due to his greed for the throne and jealousy towards the 4th, in Ryeo.

Will the 8th be able to live as the original?

In the history of Goryeo, the 8th survived. Because he has powerful influence in the aristocratic society of Goryeo and Wang So couldn’t kill him. Also in the original, the 8th survived even though he lost his wife and crippled his leg(At the end of story, he was removed from one´s family register and exiled with the 9th).


In contrast, there is a dying character in both history and the original. The character is the 9th(I am really grateful😝).  In the original,  Ruoxi send poison with Yu Tan’s will to the 9th for revenge of Yu Tan(=Chae Ryung). The 9th feels guilty and drinks poison, like this.


Unlike thesecharacters, the 10th survives in the original but he is dead in Ryeo and real history. He lives happily with his wife in the original.


Will Wang So and Hae-Soo be happy?😭

The marriage of Ruoxi and the 14th is fake. Although she leaves the 4th, she still loves him. She just wanted to leave the palace(…I think). After leaving the palace, her love became more desperate. The 4th refuses to hear the her news because of jealousy. And because of the choice, he doesn’t know that she is dying. She anxiously waited for him, but she died without seeing him.

“I want to forget everybody.”

The really sad thing is not the death of Ruoxi. The most sad scene is…


the reunion scene at the present time! Ruoxi remember everything and every moment with him, but the 4th doesn’t remember at all.  I think the ending that both of them can’t rememeber is less sad.  If the Ryeo ends like this, I will lose my mind…maybe😭😭😭.

Ending is the fate of the character.

Drama is fiction, not real story. So its ending depends on the dramatist’s hand. I pray that Scarlet Heart Ryeo ends well for fans.



스토리가 있는 것이라면 무엇이든 좋아하는 전천후 덕후. 어린시절로 거슬러 올라가보자면 태어나서 가장 많이 읽은 책은 “이야기 세계사”라는 15권짜리 책이었고 여고시절 다른애 책상에 현빈과 비, 기타 등등의 연예인 사진이 붙어 있을 때 그녀의 책상엔 “불멸의 이순신” 김명민 사진이 붙어있었다고.

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